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    Hi everyone, I am Owen Godfrey from the No Speed Cameras Party. We are trying to gain an seat in the Upper House of the State Parliament at the March 2014 election. Please look at our web site: http://nospeedcamera....com/index.html. We are representing all road users who are sick and tired of the current laws that are aimed at people who are driving at a sensible speed but above the posted speed limit. Most of these limits have been dropped artificially low specifically to make more revenue. We are disgusted with the current 'hoon' laws that seem to have been made to vilify and dehumanise young people. We want to change things and take the road safety message where it belongs - more skills for all drivers (level1 and 2 defensive driving courses for new licences and then an immediate full licence, everyone to have a first aid certificate, everyone to carry a fire extinguisher in their car. Police booking people for dangerous driving and not exceeding the speed limit where there is no danger created. Please support our party because we will be supporting you. Owen Godfrey - No Speed Cameras Party