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  1. 'Import' car insurance

    thanks for your help everyone!!!!!!!
  2. 'Import' car insurance

    Thanks.... Beside the three insurance companys above, are they any other ones?- that insure imports? (I've called a few places, and a lot of them don't insure imports)
  3. 'Import' car insurance

    I'm 24, I had a very clean driving history, I got my L's in 2004 and P's in 2005. the value of car is $13,000 (car has rims and tint) * I wana leave it pretty stock (I used to own a very done up car) the total excess for Just Cars and Shannons is $900-$1000 (includes everythink, ages, mods etc) after I turn 25 it goes down to $400-$500. Both companys are agreed to insure me.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm getting a new import car (its for a late model VVT Soarer) The quotes for insurance so far is: (Per year) $1250 for Just Cars $1500 for Shannons $3500 for H2P (Per month) $114 for Just Cars $125 for Shannons $380 for H2P What does everybody think???
  5. Make : HONDA CIVIC Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 131231231231 Price : $1 Condition : New SOLD
  6. Treadmill Transport....

    Hi Ghosty, long time no see, your still power lifting? *Nope, I live in major city.
  7. Hello, I’ve got a problem regarding freight! One of my close friends from interstate has offered me his treadmill. His got gym membership now and doesn’t use it anymore. The treadmill is 2years old commercial grade (it’s pretty big and weights around 230kg) He lives in a small town. The freight company I’m talking to (it’s one of the only company’s which serves this area). Says they can only send one driver who drives a large truck, which uses a long ramp (it does not have a hydraulic ramp!!!). His doesn’t have access to a forklift. My friend (who giving me the treadmill). Think it might be impossible to load the treadmill on the truck due to the size and weight. Any ideas????
  8. Best coils i tried. Jic FL2 i reckon. Got them 2nd hand years ago Only 8 stage dampening but it worked. On full hard it was back breaking and on full soft i could go over speed humps at 80kph in comfort. This was in a 180 True i did not lower the fk out of the car so it had some suspension travel. Unfortunatly i killed the front by not fixing them up when they were leaking. and just destroyed the adjustable damping. So i then bought some ISC's God they were CRAP! Never a nice ride as the dampening was shit. Sliding felt so much more dodgy even just driving normally sucked ass. But it i was going to do it again, Bilstein + custom spings. Who gives a fk about being able to lower the car when ever you want. Once its at a nice height its pretty much left alone. This would give a far better ride, a LOT more control and be legal-ish and not a head fk.
  9. SOLD - $100,000,000

    Make : TOYOTA Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $100,000,000 Condition : Used SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  10. BodyShape!

    Cheers for the site....
  11. BodyShape!

    Thanks for all the advice everyone.....
  12. BodyShape!

    So if I had a weight of 80kg I would need 160 grams of protein per day? that seems alot.. With these small meals, are they meant to be all balance, so same size? Could you please explain these terms rows, dips, chins (I've got a rough idea of what they may be) Cheers..
  13. BodyShape!

    Thanks a lot everyone...
  14. BodyShape!

    Thanks Ghosty: It looks like a good plan, it looks much better than what I’ve been doing and it take less time. I’ve got a few questions: So the primary exercise is Squat for Monday, Bench Press for Wednesday, Deadlift for Friday and Military Press for Saturday. So these primary exercises work different muscle groups from what I’ve read, correct? So the assistance exercise is seated cable row and db curls? Is there any reason why you’re doing that type of cardio training on Tuesday and Thursday. So it could be any type of cardio or did you pick that type of cardio for a reason?
  15. BodyShape!

    Thanks for your opinion's, I appreciate it. I've got a few questions: How much cardio do you think I should cut out? (reduce it to 2x 30min a week? or more/less? ) yeh I get the picture I'm doing far too much cardio at the moment and I should focus on doing weight training. Should the cardio be on the same as the weight day (so doing the weight training) or on different days? (apart from using it to warm up for the weights) All opinions welcome......