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  1. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    looks good man
  2. I Need a New Job

    Perhaps you should consult a financial advisor / business analyst to see where your going wrong or what could be improved rather than throwing the towel in Or other people who are doing well. Success leaves clues!
  3. kris's A31 Cefiro

    carved it up brah
  4. I Need a New Job

    well you are gonna have to start at the bottom and work your way up, i mean 100k is a lot of money no business is going to pay you that unless your worth it - by the sound of it you could be worth it but as it stands now your not. as said above 100k is a lot of coin 90% of people earn under 80k so you might have to be more realistic..particularly the hammering construction is copping. good luck all the same.
  5. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    this for sure!
  6. NBA Season 2011/2012

    Epic game really a domination And miller was massive 7/8 3pt freak show!
  7. NBA Season 2011/2012

    I like him just think there are better players out there for the money Okc started well.. 2 fouls on wade early
  8. NBA Season 2011/2012

    yeh i got day off tomorrow so ill be glued to it. i actually think if it goes back to okc they might rally and win, yes i know its never been done before but miami on the road scares me haha those three's bosh dropped first game back were epic! glad chalmers is doing well cos he cops heaps of shit!
  9. NBA Season 2011/2012

    I'm with you man not hating on bosh just think he is a bit over rated, he is on serious money and other players would compliment wade & james better i think. I dont think cavs should whinge either they never supported lebron it was 1 on 5 when he played for them lol... cant wait for tomorrows game hope they can close it out at home
  10. NBA Season 2011/2012

    loved heat on page 1 still on them.. and i'm wrapped that its basically in teh bag short of an okc miracle. agree though lebron haters wont stop hatin.. yeh they carried on about 5,6,7 blah blah but it was dont light heartedly and nobody can question him as the number 1 talent miami are in the finals for one reason and its him. chalmers and norris came up big today, bosh really isnt pulling his weight other than his first game back considering how highly rated he is, i'd say he would struggle to make top 20 in the nba players.
  11. not sure what kind of business it is, i dont think bonus' are an issue if the employee's have targets in place and they are eligible for everyone, that way you wont have tension as they can only blame themselves for missing out. otherwise if your unsure of the bonus idea why not company paid outing good for morale and a reward.
  12. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    kranze's would look sick muski haha
  13. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    looks good man, but how'd you drive and take photos of yaself?!
  14. NBA Season 2011/2012

    yeh new about that draft pick guy j lin is a great story good on him, been living on his brothers couch! bet he gonna be big time now.. oh and go heat
  15. Your not dealing with high value cars so it's highly likely people owe nothing/insignificant amounts, I'd be surprised if people were taking loans for 5-15k (average) value cars. Parts can be bought as you go