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  1. Who?s Who of NS-Victoria

    my account still works \o/ hi.
  2. can u get a 3inch greddy dump pipe for a FD3S ? price delivered to melb please.
  3. Looking into a car PC

    ipad or something is good for functionality if udont want to muck around and customise things.. things like using obd port etc u'll have to get the wifi version for $150 or so. or just connect a cable up to a carpc a carpc sits nicely in the dash with standard double din ones like available above...they turn on automatically like a headunit when u turn the key n turn off.. it can boot into a song or where u left it straight away.. theres a lot of arguments on either side that can be made i guess..to me it just seems like the carpc is a more integrated multimedia solution mimicking high end systems.
  4. newbie from the GC

    damn looks nice, welcome what mods do u have on the FD? i've got one too..but keepin it completely stock (just exhaust)
  5. Looking into a car PC

    http://store.mp3car.com/Preassembled_Black_Double_Din_LCD_Frame_with_7_Li_p/mon-072.htm either that or u mould ur own screen into ur dash.
  6. i love how everyones answer is 'coilovers' whenever theres a 'what springs' should i get thread. on a street car as well apart from adjustability, what does a coilover suspension do over a better set of shocks and springs for a similar price? especially on a street car. u dont see sports car owners open their hood up and play around with the 32,000 settings on g4 coilovers or whatever. talk to some suspension experts, then do some research on the brands. if i were in your position i'd get some springs and thats it. if you have more money then a good set of shocks. like someone above said, modifying ur car properly costs money but buying shit cos forum junkies all have it is just stupid. half the guys with coilovers havent even been on the track, half just adjust it to their 'height' and leave it. u can get shocks and springs that r for a certain height. cheap coilovers r shit. full stop. springs are quite simple in technology. its the shocks/dampers that are complex. kings or pedders r fine. ur stock shocks will die. they wont rebound quick enuff but its up to u what u want to do then. many people are happy enough with stock shocks + lowered springs. take a ride in someones car to get the feel. if ur happy with it, go for it.
  7. my old car.. best rims for $300 i bought. i had some spacers on it though cos i had wider wheels before and did the guards.
  8. damo my mate with the black s15 will give u a call soon.
  9. thanks guys! thanks for the ebay link, i might try that.. that sorta price i dont mind paying. lol @ hope she's worth it comment. amazon dont ship certain things that manufacturer doesnt agree with warranty wise or somehing. this is one of them... i dont know the whole deal but ive tried a few times.
  10. lol nah mate, clearly it's for someone and not myself! cant be givin out 2nd hand used tickle me elmo's . dont know what they've tickled..
  11. yes...i realise im gay. if anyone can give me a hand id really appreciate it! been scouring the web for a TMX (tickle me elmo extreme....yes..yes i know..) it's the 10th anniversary edition anyway, I know Amazon.com have it but they dont ship to australia! ive tried heaps of places on google n i just can't seem to get anything. they used to sell here in australia last year but not anymore =/ thaaaaaanks guys. luv u all
  12. Looking into a car PC

    It's not too hard if u read up on it. If u want to spend more money on prebuilt things... 1-buy a prebuilt case. It's just like a normal pc but smaller $300 2-buy a front end that does everything already $150 3- buy a double din touch screen $300 4-buy a gps n install softwRe That's it for basics really. Those 2500 ones r prebuilt in ur dash etc. Car pc u do need to do work n research. If ur not prepared to... It's not for u and it will fail.
  13. Looking for a doube din DVD touch screen.

    price starts from $250 for the PC and $200 for the screen a GPS unit is about $40 even 2.5inch hdd's are fairly rugged and will withstand the track but u can use SSD or compact flash cards as hard drives if u want.
  14. Looking into a car PC

    i ran a carpc in my s14 and ill be putting one into my rx7 shortly. i learnt everything from mp3car.com that article above is a good guide. i use a laptop 2.5gig hdd but if ur really worried u can get SSD hard drives or ive seen people use small compact flash cards (IDE to compact flash). if ur looking at screens xenarc make good ones and just below r the liliput range. u can get a pre fabed double din liliput touch screen these days to fit straight in from mp3car.com/store