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  1. Hey guys I'm going to tassy this weekend. Is there no other way to get some e85 closer to davenport?
  2. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    not going to spin very easily with standard power
  3. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    hmm yea might look into it. but i had trouble with running a 45 profile on the fronts as it was scrubbing ontop of the tyre so going lower will probably do the same. pfft i took out both collars out on each side.... though i run a 40 profile and about neg 4 degrees camber...
  4. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    smash a turbo on it ...an your entry speed problems will be sorted. I dont even think i was doing entry's at that speed from the DR DRIFT sign :| (also note that i dont have a speedo that works) sick photos by the way for N/A
  5. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    what size did you end up getting???
  6. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    dont tell me impounded???? wtf!!!! where was my phone call dude!!!
  7. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    gay as aids needs turbo!!!! sell it to me!!! Did you come down too the west this weekend???
  8. so if anyone was stil intrested.... Got my car re-tuned on a 50/50 blend intead of the 100 octane. car made same peak power which was 250rwkw though we gained almost 60rwkw in the mid range. just between 3000rpm-4000rpm there was 20+rwkw in just there. though the reason for lower peak power could be cause the knock sesnor wasnt working properly but i dunno we didnt push it very hard and the car didnt seem to want to do any more power with more boost or timing. so we just left it as we were running behind with time. though all i can say my car is just as repsonive as what it was with the t28bb or feels very close to it. As i drove it this weekend at winton and did a few laps in it, which felt great. any other queries feel free to PM me. Gerald
  9. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    muski ill go 50's with you on a set enkei rpf1.... 17x10+18 SBC
  10. Have a look at the video they explain this turbo exactly....only thing im a bit disaapointed it didnt make the power that this guy made. (with a stock engine) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0q27w-7Sa8&feature=relmfu there are a few other parts to this video 2.1 shows how the car drifts with the power also watch 1.1 it gives good insight on how the turbo reacts. The way they explain how the power comes on is exactly what my car feels like. ive actually never thought of that. But i guess it would make sense cause a few people have looked at me strange before when ive told them thats where i see full boost.
  11. That sounds pretty high mate. I'm gonna have a look tomorrow, think it would be around 3k If you have a dyno sheet put it up ill try find one of my t28. Will upload new dyno sheet once tuned...
  12. Yeah thats what i thought after driving my car for the first few times. If its going to be laggy might as well have high 200's. Though on the tomei m7960 video. It says they made just under 400hp with a standard motor with a metal headgasket and pon cams with pump fuel. So by my calculations thats what around 290rwkw correct me if im wrong. Though Jap fuel is a higher octane than ours so that could be the difference??? My car is getting retuned this week on 100octane so who knows maybe there might be a little bit more in this turbo.
  13. Im not a 100% sure but i think from memory my t28bb was seeing full boost at about 3450rpm (this was a different dyno/tuner though Sam from Dr Drift) This one by looking at the dyno sheet it looks to be just just after 4000rpm but it feels more like 4500rpm-5000rpm until its actually on song. In my opinion the kit is cheap & it makes 240rwkw-250rwkw on most dynos/tuners with enough supporting mods. Also this turbo could be more responsive with an engine with better compression, as i said mine isnt flash. So unless back to back testing is done with different turbos on the same engine, you cannot give an accurate assessment of this turbo.
  14. Ive got a similar setup to this so you can compare. Tune by Trent November 2011 ive got s13 sr20det (redtop) Standard nistune tomei m7960 tomei 740s tomei pon cams & gears tomei expreme manifold 98 pump fuel It made: 250rwkw @17.5psi 6042rpm 410nm torque @ 4782rpm At the time i think trent had done about 3-4 of these turbos and mine made the most power out of the lot of them. Which was suprising considering my engine is kinda stuffed. Its about 135psi compression with about a 10psi variation between some cylinders. I havent really driven it much ive done 3 track days with an average of about 7-10laps each track day. So my assesment might not mean much Though comparing it from my previous turbo which was s15 t28 ball bearing, it is shit loads more laggy. I dont know what a 2871r is like to drive with or how it feels i would have probs optioned for the bigger tomei turbo or even td06/3076r externally gated for the amount of lag it has. Its not a very responsive turbo if thats what your after. For example with the t28 without cams/manifold my car would hold 3rd gear through the back m section of winton with maybe 1 extra clutch kick. I have an incar video of my car through there with the m7960 i had probs about 4 maybe 5 clutch kicks through there. But insaying that i hadnt really figured out how too use the power yet. Though i didnt get a chance too as the gearbox broke before that happened. When the car is in its rev range the power feels unreal though.... Trent did tell me though if i went for ID2000 injectors an went e85 it would probs make high 280rwkw-290rwkw!!! Hope that helps & didnt confuse people even more Gerald