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  2. Modern cars

    And yea I'm that sad *milkshake* up this early on new years day..........
  3. Modern cars

    My 86 feels infinitely better than my s13 handling wise (with the fcking yaris wheels) which is a no brainer, just have to settle with the shortage in power until my warranty finishes, but that also gives me time to save haha. Would also like to slap some works xd 9s, but alas weddings and shit... One gripe is that 1st and 2nd feel clunky due to the syncromesh, but you can get a parent shifter to sort that shit out!! One car I've been scoping is the fj cruiser. No other reason than it has space in the back to transport fish tanks and has an ugly but interesting look. If only it came in diesel.
  4. Muay Thai

    If you're ever in brisbane, check out corporate box gym..
  5. Muay Thai

    Yeeeeea buddy!!
  6. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    I never said you were defending them, my comments were first questioning your idea that it is not a big issue, then you questioned my numbers. You are yet to provide a valid response justifying why so many deaths are "not a big deal". Ignoring half the information i posted does not help your argument, it makes you look like a moron. "800 probable" does not round down to zero. The links you provided are mobile links that are not going to work for me. If the first article is anything like the other "truth about asylum seekers" articles i have read, it is going to be full of doctored propaganda that completely fails to address the number of dead asylum seekers. I'll wait and see when i get a working link. Okay granted, the 800 missing can be taken into account, but still 1700, over 13 years isn't really as significant as it is made out to be. Our average murder rate is higher when compared to asylum seeker deaths at a yearly basis. I know it sounds despicable of me but it is just as realistic a view I can hold. We have the ability to house more asylum seekers, but we choose not to. We have the ability to streamline our immigration process, but we don't. In the grander scheme of things, out of the 40 million displaced refugees we accept a minute amount, and pat ourselves on the back. My point is we're bullshitting ourselves if we think this is a huge unsolvable issue. And again what about the lack of infrastructure to take care of our ageing population? That can easily lead to worse things if the burden of the elderly proves too much. What about our skills shortage? What has either party done about both? Education? Health?
  7. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Yes it is. http://sievx.com/art...wningsTable.pdf 600 confirmed with another 800 probable. Another article: http://www.abolishforeignness.org/blog/fortress-australia-asylum-seeker-and-migrant-death-and-detention-statistics I like the bit where it says between 2004 and 2008 there were ZERO deaths. On its own as a half assed attempt by Labor to fix the problem without looking like they are going back on their original actions and admitting they were wrong to demolish the same policies in 2007, no. If implemented in the same way as Howard did as the full Pacific Solution, then i do think it is more humane. It stops people getting on boats or even giving any money to people smugglers, smashing their customer base and saving lives. I don't defend labors policy either. in fact, I'd go so far as to say labor's policy was flat out stupid, they spouted and cried foul during the libs tenure and went ahead and did worse. Also when I last checked 600 confirmed didn't magically increase by 2 thirds. Again the issue of boat should not be under the scrutiny it is. Here's a quick article albeit not too recent, still valid. m.dailytelegraph.com.au/plane-truth-about-boat-people/story-e6frewt0-1225790871733 Here's another: mobile.news.com.au/world-news/ten-myths-around-asylum-seekers-arriving-on-boats-in-australian-waters/story-fndir2ev-1226676024840
  8. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    But it isnt a 1000 dead asylum seekers is it? Do you honestly think offshore processing is any more humane? The point I tried to make is australia has more important issues to deal with. What about our ageing population? What infrastructure do we have in place to ensure they have adequate support? What about the lack of skills in Australia? What are we doing to remedy that? These are issues that have far greater ramifications than a couple of boats that float to our shores. What about diversifying our industries rather than being resource reliant? Again what have we done? My point is the hot topic here isn't as bad as it is portrayed to be. There is plenty of literature on the exaggeration the boat people issue. Just Google it and see.
  9. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    It also still doesn't change the fact australia has bigger issues to deal with.
  10. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    You don't have to increase the quotient to enable legitimate asylum seekers entry. Again as I stated our immigration policy is inefficient, there are a great number of people who are granted asylum who don't need it. If you streamline the process and get rid of loopholes it gives those relegated to jumping on a boat a better chance of arriving here properly. What does red tape have to do with our refugee intake being forever outstripped by demand? You could triple our intake and i assure you there would still be a queue. The easier it is to get in, the higher the demand will be. I highly doubt refugees are checking a countries AAA rating before climbing onto a boat. Refugee numbers are the same as they were a decade ago. You'd be very surprised Chappy... you don't have to come from a war torn country to be considered an asylum seeker..
  11. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Check your facts. Howard's policies reduced the flow of boats down to a trickle, with some years having no arrivals at all. No boats = no deaths. They are opting for boats because they don't want to wait to be admitted by conventional means. Australia's intake of refugees as mandated by the UN is about 15,000 a year, but this includes all applications, not just the ones coming by boat. They spend so long in detention because they are waiting their turn to be allowed into the country. How do you propose the process be 'streamlined' without simply increasing our yearly refugee intake? Also, how do you propose we speed up the verification of peoples stories when they routinely dispose of their ID papers just before climbing onto the boat? Offshore processing is not just about housing capacity, it is about deterrence. And last, if we have so much capacity to house asylum seekers, why are our detention centres above capacity now? But that falls to the issue of taking away the need to get on a fishing boat. And you can do that by getting rid of the bureaucratic red tape. I have experienced entry into this country first hand to know it is really inefficient. Its tricky but steps need to be taken, and neither major party is taking the first step in the right direction, they're both just playing politics.. Also may I add that circumstances during the Howard government were different. There were less reasons to leave your home country and come down under. Now we have a relatively stable economy, awesome living conditions and give an air of less competition in general. Remember we are up toward the top of the shit heap at the moment. So an increase in migrants go hand in hand.
  12. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Well border security involves the protection and precaution enacted against a perceived threat. Migration is the movement of individuals from one place to another. Pretty elementary, again I never said the liberals previously didn't do a good job in providing pathways to enter australia. All I said is that in recent times neither party has provided a reasonable way to deal with the issue.. and an issue which isn't that big a deal to begin with.
  13. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    But immigration policy and border security are two different things. The only time they overlap is when a dinghy rocks up... and in the grander scheme of things they don't rock up enough for us to worry about border protection. This isn't like the border between mexico and the US or the Mexican gulf. The number of boats that rock up here are petty if anything.
  14. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Neither party has provided adequate means to deal with the issue, they send processing offshore rather than streamline the process behind legal entry into australia, or worse send the boats back. At the end of the day it doesn't stop people smugglers as they get paid regardless, and the asylum seekers are none the wiser. All we are doing is palming the problem off onto others anyway, so why not focus on issues that are more important.