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  1. Things that make you laugh

    I do that all the time at work (Woolies). If I've had a lot of protein throughout the day, than the farts are none stop. I've farted the length of shopping isles on numerous occasions and looking back at the unlucky bastard/s whose just about to walk through my wake. Man I wish I had smello-vision
  2. General chit chat thread!

    I always weary of my bike. Had it stolen once already by some idiot with no idea. However mines been outside too since I've been riding it to work. All securitied up now though
  3. General chit chat thread!

    When I first got my L's a year ago (still on them:/ gotta organise to go for my fulls but have a fear of failing lol) I was riding around and everytime I went past another rider, they'd nod. I only slightly saw it the first few times and I was like, "wtf, are they nodding at?" So I begun tryna watch them as I went past them to be sure. I was getting so paranoid. Then I worked it out that's it's just a bike thing that riders do xp
  4. Sr20 crank to flywheel dowel?

    I can pretty much guarantee you that extra hole is a dual fitment deal. Basically that flywheel will fit a couple different cars and I bet one of them has a dowell or something that lines up.
  5. Things that make you laugh

    My missus always pushing pull doors and visa versa. lol
  6. things that annoy you

    It's even worse when they're not that good lol. I can't wear 23, I know that. I feel heaps consious of my game if I do
  7. things that annoy you

    I'm all for wearing my team 'Denver nuggets' stuff out and about lol. But when some random comes up to me and says - "ah, Denver nuggets, how good is Carmelo this year?" Im just like ... -.-
  8. things that annoy you

    People who wear those nba snap back caps and have no idea whose on the team besides the star player. If you don't know at least the starting 5 and the sixth man, please don't wear them.
  9. Cruises in adelaide meets For jap cars?

    YUH87 is probably a cop lol Defect time
  10. Sr20 crank to flywheel dowel?

    I'm sure it would be fine. I Haven't really seen a dowel in a fly wheel to crank before, ive only seem bolts
  11. timing belt cam lockouts /cam tools

    Stuff spending that sort of money on that. If I were you, I'd simply see what the set outs like and make something. Use one of the near by threads or such. Or as already said, if the holes line up, zip ties.
  12. I think normally when the alternator is on its way out, the dash lights normally all light up?
  13. Hey, mine currently has this issue lol. My odometer says 999etc. I think it may be permanent but I have a second cluster already. -.- Ah, at the moment cause I'm slack, all I do when that happens is turn the ignition off then back on while I'm driving around 60kph. And it seems to fix itself. I've found it's more likely to happen on warm days. I have reason to suspect its the plug connection at the ecu. although I have yet to test this, not due to lack of knowledge, tools or facilities but due to lack of motivation. If you pull the ecu plug off, clean it up and reattach it, it may fix it. May not too lol Maybe I'll pull my finger out and actually spend some time on the old girl lol here's to wishful thinking.
  14. Dylan's s13 track hack, march matsuri entered!

    Maybe check all your earth leads/straps and the connections and their resistance.