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Fuel system for E85 advice

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Wanting to convert my S15 to E85. Just after some people's results running E85 and there fuel system...

Currently running a 2.2 litre stroker with gtx30 and camtech 260 cams. Running a Walbro 416 intank pump with standard size fuel lines. Just want to know if the pump and fuel lines are good enough. I'm going to upgrade the injectors so what are people's thoughts on size? 


Car currently makes 410hp at the wheels on pump fuel, would be nice to get 500 out of it on E85. Is it possible...



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Think I had to go to 1600cc injector's, inline bosch fuel external pump, you may need to upgrade your fuel lines to the next size as well.

I'm maxxed out at about 339rwkw currently.

But I'm changing my set up, not much point having a higher power Sil,. 

What will 500hp do for you?  

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