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S13 RB20det gearbox Identification

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Hi all,

Recently boight a project car that came with an rb20det and gearbox.

Just now 2nd gear has shit its self

I could only find the code RP71C #2 stamped on the side of it


From what I can tell its an r32 GTST gearbox?

Not too confident in my research, anyone care to share their knowledge?


Thinking of trying to rebuild my self or to buy another


Cheers :)

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If the tunnel hasn't been bashed to fit the 25 box then for sure it'd be the rb20 box, You could change bell housings over with an SR20 box also but you'll need a new tailshaft and the shifter will sit further back. The SR box is just as weak as the RB20 box unless send the gearset off to get Cryogenic Treatment. I'd just bite the bullet and chuck an RB25det box behind it and start bashing the tunnel to get it to fit. The 25 box will handle alot more power from factory also.

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