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r33 making grinding sound

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hey just wondering if from how i can best discribe it anyone would know what my problem could be. it kinda sounds like brakes that have sand on the discs or something. like a light grinding/scraping sound, seems to be coming from around the clutch area although i at first thought it was coming from my belts up front. any1 who understands wat i mean, figure it could be a common issue but not sure. would love some suggestions wat to check as i cant afford a mechanic right now. cheers

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Chuck is a bit more info-


1) Is the sound appearing when your driving.

2) Is it noticeable when your accelerating/de-accelerating or braking.

3) Is the noise evident when your at idle.


Try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from, if its at idle chuck your head under the bonnet.

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